MP2 Freeze Doctors


Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon
Toronto, Canada

"I have deployed non-invasive, RF based skin tightening and circumferential
reduction technologies profitably in my clinics for the past 8 years.

In 2010, we began conducting clinical trials using the Freeze system, powered by (MP)² technology.

Compared to other RF mono-polar, bipolar and multi-polar systems I have used, with or without suction, the Freeze provides the most uniform heating I have seen, together with speed and ergonomic ease of use.

To achieve consistent tightening and circumferential reduction, uniform temperatures, minimizing hot spots and speed are important. Freeze provides the greatest speed, temperature uniformity and patient comfort I have seen amongst non-invasive RF systems to date and is favored by our face and body contouring patients. We are conducting our studies measuring objectively with the Vectra 3 Canfield system and early results look comparable to other consistent and accepted market leading RF technologies.

The future looks ‘Hot’ for users of Freeze."


Dr. Maurice A. Adatto, M.D.

Dermatologic Surgeon
Founder & Medical Director SKINPULSE Dermatology
Laser & Beauty Centers
Genove, Switzerland

“For the last five years, I have been using various radiofrequency devices.

After a 6 month period using the MP 2 FREEZE system, I can state that my patients were very content with the experience as they felt no pain at all during the procedure.

The heating sensation is pleasant and some patients even fall asleep. It is also very gentle for my staff members performing the treatments as the ergonomy of the machine does not create back or shoulder pain. Looking at the good results we have had on cellulite, volume reduction and skin tightening of the lower face and neck, I can conclude that the FREEZE delivers a very uniform heating to the tissue. Being a radiofrequency device, the FREEZE allows treatments all year long.

This is a major advantage over lasers or light sources as no sun protection is required after the treatment.

Patients of all skin types as well as tanned patients can be treated safely.

FREEZE is a great addition to an aesthetic center.”


Dr. Stevan Jovanovic, M.D.

CEO Laser Skin Clinic
Genove, Switzerland

“Freeze: Incredibly fast, energizing, comfortable and revolutionary treatment.

All my team is under it!

I use it for cellulite treatment; stretching of the arms… Combined with LED gives incredible results in matter of stretch marks! My clients feel a pleasant energy going all through their body; they feel good and vigorous for all day.

Only one risk, to do more treatments and more areas!

An absolute must have in your practice!"


Prof. Leonardo Marini, M.D.

Medical Director
SDC The Skin Doctors Center
Trieste, Italy

“Without any doubt Venus Freeze features the gentler tissue thermal surge among all the other radiofrequency devices. In the two studies we are presently conducting: one on facial skin laxity and the other on stretch marks all patients enrolled graded RF treatments as pleasant or very pleasant.

Working temperature (40-41°C) is rapidly reached and maintained thanks to the ergonomic design of the two hand pieces that slide smoothly over the skin.

Clinical improvements are already reported after the first 4-5 sessions. Skin is reported smoother and better responding to environmental alterations. Pores are reported less evident For our facial treatments we chose the Visia Complexion Analysis system by Canfield to objectively evaluate textural improvements.We are also measuring erythema and pigmentation using a DSMII Color Meter by Cortex and elastometry (Courage Khazaka GmbH).

I strongly believe that thermal bio-stimulation, either by photo- or RF-treatments is extremely important to induce an optimization of cellular functions which ultimately leads to a substantial delay in chrono-aging and a possible partial reverse of photo-aging. RF treatments have a substantial advantage over light-based treatments since they can be performed practically all year around since no chromophores are directly involved.

I am a strong believer in combination treatments and I see a bright future of smooth RF associated with tissue-biostimulation, acne therapy, early scar remodelling, earlypost-liposuction tissue recovering, post-ablative and non ablative laser remodelling, and much more.”


Dr. Pierre André, M.D.

Paris, France
Geneva, Switzerland

Testimonial part 1:

"Demands for skin tightening and cellulite reduction solutions are growing by the day.

Until now, few systems enabled us to offer patients a high standard treatment.

This technology combines multi-polar Radio-Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Field, and generates heat that penetrates deep into the dermis and hypodermis. The result is the activation of fibroblasts, destruction of fat cell membrane and increased angiogenesis.

Compared to traditional RF machines, the Freeze treatment is not painful at all and it is easy to control the temperature using an infra-red thermometer.

As early as the first session, skin looks tightened due to the immediate shrinkage of collagen fibers. Very good clinical outcomes will become gradually visible after several treatments, with one week interval between sessions.

The freeze has a large selection of applications for the face and body. I like to offer my patients treatments for the neck area using the DiamondPolar hand-piece, but the entire face may also be treated.

Cellulite is substantially improved by using the OctiPolar hand-piece and after a few months patients feel better about themselves.

These new treatments may also be combined with other techniques such as liposuction or laser assisted lipolysis."

Testimonial Part 2:

"After 8 months of use, I really get marvelous results for tightening neck’s skin and decolleté. Patients are very happy of outcomes without performing surgery.We can observe a real rejuvenation progressively over 6 months, due to the fibroblasts stimulation secondary to freeze treatments. Four sessions for treating face and neck are enough followed by maintenance therapy every 6 months.

Treatment of cellulite is always in evaluation but some very good results are reported by patients and physicians. It is reasonable to perform 6 sessions and to wait for 6 months before evaluation."


Dr. Daniel Lanzer, M.D.

Dermatologistand Cosmetic Surgeon
Melbourne, Australia

"As someone who is experienced with a large variety of medi-aesthetic technologies for skin-tightening and cellulite reduction treatments, I can confidently recommend the (MP)² technology embedded in the Freeze system for both physicians and patients.

The Freeze is able to generate a uniform heat pattern, greatly contributing to patients’ comfort and enabling pain-free treatments. The homogenous heating increases safety and eliminates painful heat-spikes, whilst enabling us to reach the high temperatures required for good clinical results.

The Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) of the (MP)² utilize a non-thermal mechanism that has been widely proved in different medical applications to initiate Angiogenesis (neo vascularity), cause proliferation of fibroblasts, and to synthesize new collagen.

My patients find the machine to be very relaxing and warm. They are happy with the results, especially cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

I have also been using the machine as a post operative treatment of liposuction. It has helped speed up healing time and deep bruising by increasing circulation in the area and has also helped to tighten the skin."


Dr. Konstantinos Neamonitos, M.D.

CEO Laserderm Academy
Athens, Greece

"A risk free, state of the art equipment that uniquely combining magnetic pulse therapy and multi polar RF.

Although I have been using for several years other radiofrequency systems, today I enjoy a safe and simple machine and my patients of all skin types experience pleasurable and painless treatments with immediate clinical results. It is the only machine that delivers superior results within 6-8 weeks.

I strongly believe that Freeze represents a unique all–in one system. My decision for the purchase of a second system was quick and without hesitations."


Dr. Manuela Cochito, M.D.

Lisbon, Portugal

“This new equipment is, without any doubt, a major step forward in the use of radio frequency for facial and body skin rejuvenation, reaching the expected results more quickly than with previous systems, without surgery or recovery time, which is an issue of great importance to most people who want to take care of themselves and improve their image.”


Dr. Laura Alfie, M.D.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

"Over the last five years I have become an enthusiastic promotor of non-invasive treatments with radiofrequency and a very keen observer of textural and tension changes of the skin, both subtle and noticeable during the process to revert the signs of skin ageing.

VENUS FREEZE technology (MP)² is undoubtedly a powerful tool to achieve marked changes with no waiting time ( like in other radiofrequencies ), with no need of cancelling your daily routine, without being forced to take special care during the summer season, and in a fast and progressive manner in each treatment session, its handpieces , facial and corporal, adapt simply and comfortably to patients’ needs, meeting all their expectations even in conflicting areas such as the neck, chest, axillae and arms.

With (MP)² technology we have reached temperatures of over 40°C in a few minutes, which can be easily maintained over the entire treatment session, with no adverse effects.

Both -  patients and operators - adopt this technology in no time as the remarkable changes lead to demand more treatments in more areas of the body."


Dr. Ronen Glesinger, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon
Tel Aviv, Israel

“I have been using the Freeze system powered by (MP)2 technology for a while now. I can state that a treatment with the Freeze is the most pleasant for the operators and generated high satisfaction among my clients both in terms of the pleasurable and enjoyable treatment as well as the result.

As a plastic surgeon I am using the system for skin tightening post Liposuction as well as for cellulite and body contouring.

I can firmly say that the Freeze has the largest treatment area and it reaches the required end point temperature of 43-45 degrees within 1-2 minutes on the abdomen.

Furthermore it’s relatively easy to maintain this temperature during 15 minutes of treatment.

Since we introduced the Freeze into our clinic our operators and clients are satisfied with the Freeze clinical results and return for additional treatments.”

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